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What is a Rain Chain "kusari doi"

Rain chains, called "kusari doi" in Japanese, provides a beautiful and functional watercourse for rain. Rain chains originated in Japan hundreds of years ago.

They are constructed with linked funnels that allow the water to flow properly through them.

There are many things to consider when choosing which rain chain is best for your home.

Copper rain chains are the most popular and most durable chains available. Depending on your climate, copper rain chains will also age to a beautiful verdigris patina over time.

You should also determine where the rain chain will be located and how long it needs to be. Remember that the purpose of a rain chain is to direct water from your roof to the ground so it’s best to have a length that comes as close to the ground as possible. The easiest way to complete your rain chain is with a basin that has a hook to keep the chain from swinging around in the wind.

Consider the style you like best. There are the actual chain-link gutter chains which help direct rain water straight down to the ground and tend to create more of a splash, but are less costly than the more decorative cup-style gutter chains. Cup-style gutter chains do a better job of directing the rain downward, have a more dramatic sound as the water flows, but are more expensive and weighty than the chain-link style.

Decide if you want to include a rain basin beneath the gutter chain. Rain basins collect the rainwater and also serve to keep the rain from pooling directly underneath the chain.

Keeping these factors in mind, browse our selection of rain chains and quickly add some curb appeal to your home.