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Vintage Kimono

Traditional vintage kimonos have an elegance that is unrivaled in the fashion world, even today, and they showcase historical and artistic textile techniques dating back thousands of years. They are made from pure silk, a practice that stopped around World War II due to silk shortages and natural disasters that disrupted the silk industry and forced a switch to cotton. Despite their rarity, traditional silk kimonos are worn throughout Japan to formal and upscale events, and their timeless style and intricate artistic design never go out of fashion. With our silk kimonos, you can own a part of Japanese history for yourself! All of these kimonos are genuine imported antiques from Japan.

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The style and elegance of traditional vintage kimonos is endearing to Japanese culture. As the tradition of Japanese textile design is thousands of years old, vintage kimonos are immediately recognized as an emblem of class, social ranking and festival display. Even today, traditional vintage kimonos are worn throughout Japan. They are timeless in their intricate designs and are never out of fashion.

We carry a wide variety of vintage kimonos brought to you directly from Japan. We have stunning vintage silk kimonos, iromuji and komon kimonos, and vintage haori jackets in original colors and designs. All our vintage clothing items are in excellent and clean condition.