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Using Rain Chains Instead of Gutters

Have you always been accustomed to using gutters and downspouts to deliver rainwater down the roof of your home? Downspouts are efficient in bringing water down from the gutters, but have you ever thought of using rain chains instead?

Rain chains have been used in Japan for hundreds of years. Commonly known in Japan as “kusari-toi” or “kusari-doi”, rain chains are beautiful alternatives to gutters and/or downspouts at home.

Rain chains are decorative, yet functional chains made out of metal or copper cups and other chain designs. It is used to collect and transport water from the roof of the house to a drain or storage container for household use. On windy days, the ends of the chains are finished with pebbles or other kinds of weight to keep it from tussling in the wind.

Today, rain chains in Japan are commonly used in temples, and gardens.

Rain chains over downspouts

Of course, we all know how functional downspouts are for our homes. They collect water quickly and efficiently, and are just usually an unnoticeable part of the home.

With rain chains, however, it is different because it does not only focus on functionality, but also appeal. It is a complete marriage of functionality and design, as the chains are not just ordinary chains. There are plenty of designs and styles to choose from. You can choose to have the typical copper cups or other intricate chain designs, such as leaves and tear drop links, among others.

What really captures the essence and beauty of rain chains is its aesthetic appeal. When the weather is nice and sunny, you can appreciate the beauty and intricate work done on these chains. And when it’s raining, you appreciate how elegant it looks as waters from the roof gracefully cascade into each cup and chain as if you’re looking at a water show just outside your window sill.

If you want to collect the rain water, you can also easily place a basin below the rain chains. Breathtaking, easy, and functional – rain chains are surely wonderful additions to any home.

Rain chains online

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