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Reach Nirvana with Buddha Statues in Your Garden

Most of us have different hobbies to keep us focused and occupied. Hobbies help us gather our minds back together, to concentrate, and to basically clear the clutter in our heads. It could be that fishing, knitting, reading or crafts is our chosen hobby. Different strokes for different strokes, and all that. Landscaping and gardening are also great ways to clear our thoughts. And what better way to achieve clarity with the iconic symbol for mental, intellectual, and spiritual awakening than with Buddha.

Buddha is an iconic Indian figure, representing a person who has been enlightened and awakened. It is indeed a great idea to combine two of the most relaxing and most enlightening of activities and pieces—gardening or landscaping and Buddha. Create a sanctuary within your gardens with a Buddha statue and see it transform into your own personal magic garden.

Buddha statues as true works of art

Aside from the intellectual and spiritual effects the Buddha may inspire in you, it can be a great addition to your garden—whether indoor or outdoor. Buddha statues are great pieces to tie the aesthetics of your garden together. Use them as focal points in the area or create a small corner with a Buddha statue positioned inconspicuously. Let you and your family discover the wonders of such a sanctuary with a great piece of Buddha statue.

At Japanese Style, take your pick from exquisite Buddha statues in our collection. A true work of art is indeed what you will find here. Whether it is made of brass, stone or aluminum, a Buddha statue will surely bring tranquility to any area in your home.

A touch of the orient

When designing your garden, landscapers will usually know what will go great in terms of flowers, trees, and bushes. Stone accents, fountains, and statues may also be recommended for you. In the end though, the final say will still be up to you. If you want a more Asian-inspired garden in your home, there is no better way than to use Buddha statues as accents.

Put a touch of the exotic in your garden with Buddha statues. Place them in a discreet corner of your garden with thick trees to give you a quiet place to meditate. This will be a perfect place to clear your thoughts if you want solitude and quiet. Perfect if you want a retreat from the hustle and bustle of the everyday grind. Truly a serene place for enlightenment and to find your Zen.

Buddha statues in varying poses

Here at Japanese Style, we offer a diverse selection of Buddha statues in various poses. Buddha statues in traditional meditating poses are available in different materials such as brass and aluminum. A perfect centerpiece to anchor all your other garden ornaments and plants together.

Another great Buddha statue is one where it holds a lotus leaf close to its heart—otherwise known as a Metta—pertaining to kindness with love. A really perfect addition to your garden to get you in the right state of mind as you meditate and take a break. Almost all our Buddha statues are made of resin—perfect for all outdoor gardens. See them transform into more beautiful works of art over time as it weathers.

Take a look at our collection of beautiful Buddha statues at Japanese Style. Transform your garden into the small piece of nirvana you are looking for.