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Outdoor Entertaining – Japanese Style!

It’s time to start planning your outdoor entertaining space – if you haven’t already! When looking for your garden and outdoor accessories, JapaneseStyle.com has you covered! From unique lighting and high quality slate tables to rain chains and other garden décor, you will find products that are going to make your backyard seem like your own private paradise.

Looking for lighting? Our granite solar lights could be the perfect solution. These hand-carved solid granite pieces will last a lifetime and the light even comes with a 2 year warranty! There are so many ways to use these lights; line your sidewalk, driveway or patio, place on a table as a unique centerpiece, or scatter around your pool or hot tub to add a subtle glow. These lights collect their energy from the sun and use stored solar power to light up at night. There is no need to plug anything.

At JapaneseStyle.com we have always carried the highest quality granite products. If you are looking for authentic Japanese garden décor, look no further! Our granite lanterns, basins, benches and fountains add an Asian flair to any outdoor space. Furthermore, because they are hand-carved from solid granite they will last a lifetime! Click here if you want to learn more about our quality and the steps to having your granite or slate products delivered.

Another common item used to add character to many outdoor spaces is our rain chains. In Japan, rain chains or "kusari doi" have been around for hundreds of years to provide a beautiful and functional watercourse for rain. In 2012, we doubled our rain chain selection to offer more variety! From traditional to contemporary, we have a style of rain chain that will match your home. For taller roof lines, many of our rain chains come with extensions. Add the gutter adapter to help funnel the water from your downspout into your rain chain. Look for even more styles to be added throughout the year!