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Japanese Kimono and Komon

Imported from Japan, our authentic kimonos and komons are perfect for special events, celebrations, and as gifts for friends and family. We carry a wide selection of cotton and synthetic kimonos and komons in a variety of colors and patterns, including beautiful floral patterns, vivid colors, and intricate artwork of Japanese mythology, architecture, and wildlife. From the simplest wear-about-town garment to ultra-formal wedding attire, we have a kimonos and komons for any person and any occasion! A Kimono is a formal wear clothing and a Komon is a casual wear.

All our kimonos Komons are made from Japanese cotton, cotton sateen, rayon, or polyester, which provide a shiny sheen and lightweight, cool, breathable texture. Many also have butterfly sleeves. We also carry the undergarments, belts, and shoes that are traditionally paired with kimonos and komons in Japan, so you can choose an entire outfit all at once!

Vintage Kimonos
If you enjoy antique clothes, we have vintage silk kimonos from the early 1900s. These are rare imports, as cotton replaced silk in kimono fabrics around the time of World War II. Carefully preserved works of art, these kimonos are unique and truly shine at special occasions and formal events. They can also be mounted on kimono display stands in your home to show off the intricate patterns and embroidery. Properly cared for, these silk kimonos will be stunning for years to come!

Browse our selection of traditional Japanese kimono, and feel free to contact us if you have any questions while choosing your new kimono!

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Are you looking for a traditional Japanese kimono for a special event or as a gift? We carry a wide variety of kimonos direct from Japan. Choose from stunning silk or cotton Japanese kimonos in a variety of colors and designs.

Our kimonos feature traditional designs such as the crane, which symbolizes good fortune and longevity. Many Japanese tales feature dragons, which come to life on our kimonos. Other kimono designs include Japanese fans, Japanese architecture and traditional Japanese floral prints.

Which Kimono to Choose: Silk or Cotton?

When you are shopping for a kimono, it is important to consider the occasion for which you will be wearing it. Silk kimonos are more formal. These kimonos are perfect for events and special occasions. Cotton and Cotton Sateen are considered more casual kimono fabrics. The cotton sateen fabric gives the kimono a slight sheen and a cool texture. Many of our Japanese kimono feature butterfly sleeves.