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Choosing Carved Granite

Carved granite lanterns, basins and sculptures are one the most recognized and visually stimulating element in a Japanese garden. Granite is a very dense, durable and a hard natural stone. Items carved from granite will last a life time and many times passed on for many generations to come, thus when choosing granite select only high quality granite that is carved with high quality workmanship. We take great pride in offering only high quality carved granite items. Rest assured, when you receive one of our granite sculptures you will have as much pride in the sculpture as we do.

Selecting a Lantern Size

Choose a size that is appropriate to your garden. Visualize the items size in both height, width and the appearance in its intended garden placement. A small garden with an oversized lantern will feel overbearing and a large garden with a lantern that is too small will feel un-proportional. If you are not sure, use objects around the home or garden as props to get a better feel for the size.

Selecting a Basin Size

Choose a size that is appropriate to your garden and its surroundings. Also choose a size that is proportional to other nearby objects such as a granite lantern or a tree. Visualize the items size and the appearance in its intended garden placement. To easily visualize the diameter, mark the ground with a circle of the size of the basin in which you are interested in. For reference we have included some basic suggestions. Our 18" basin is a nice size for small and medium sized gardens. Our 2' basin is perfect for medium to very large gardens.

About our Granite - Compare our Quality & Service

We are dedicated in providing only the highest quality carved granite products and take pride in providing outstanding service.

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Pre-Drilled For Electrical - Most lanterns including our yukimi lanterns we have pre-drilled with hole so you may install electrical if you decide to in the future. Lanterns that are pre-drilled are stated on our site and we do not charge extra for this feature.

Consistent Quality for we never purchase low grade granite stone, low grade carved pieces, manufacturer defects or close-out mismatched pieces. We feel that it is very important to offer only the highest quality since granite sculptures are a visual lifelong element.

We hope you choose to make us your source for exquisite carved granite lanterns, basins and sculptures. Granite sculptures should be a lifelong joy that will be passed for generations to come! Browse our granite selection.