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Bring Nature Indoors with Bonsai Trees

A bonsai tree is an ornamental tree or bush grown in a small pot and carefully cultivated to create a miniature version of a full grown tree. These elaborate designs are created through a variety of techniques including potting, pruning, and root reduction.

Creating these beautiful trees is considered an art form which is influenced by Zen and Buddhist practices. Bonsai trees come in many different forms and can be created from a variety of different seeds, although some trees are preferred for their small leaf size.

Creating a bonsai tree is considered a type of mediation for the creator and a way to foster contemplation in the viewer. If cared for properly, bonsai trees can live as long as 800 years!

When designing your indoor space, you need to take many factors into consideration including lighting, style, colors, and what the space will be used for. A bonsai tree can be a fantastic addition to an office, living room, or formal dining area.


One of the biggest considerations is going to be the color of both the tree you choose and the pot it is planted in. You might think that all trees will be shades of green, but that isn’t necessarily true. Some bonsai trees flower or have colored leaves.

For the most part, bonsai planters are neutral colored and will match most decors, but there are some extremely elaborate designs which may be too busy for some rooms.


For the most part, bonsai trees are small enough to fit on a table top. For an indoor plant, this is the perfect size. But keep in mind that bonsai trees can also be outside plants. The size of the plant will be limited by the size of the pot, so getting a smaller pot and continuing to trim your bonsai will keep it small.


Bonsai trees are trimmed, pruned, and wired to create some truly amazing designs. Stunning designs like those created by Takanori Aiba are obviously beyond the novice’s capabilities. But with concentration and dedication, a simple bonsai design can be created. Or, you may choose to purchase a fully designed bonsai and just maintain it.

Bonsai trees are one of the most unique forms of Japanese art. Their twisted branches and unique designs offer viewers a bit of escape and a reminder of the beauty and perseverance of nature.