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Add Curb Appeal to Your Home with Rain Chains

japanese rain chainTraditional gutters are plain and have the annoying habit of getting clogged with leaves and twigs. Want to add more curb appeal to your home? Rain chains are a beautiful and functional way to update your home’s look create and protect flower beds from rain gutter downpours.

What are Rain Chains?

Rain chains are a popular Japanese decoration which serves as an alternative to your current boring gutter downspout. They are generally created using alternating copper rings and cups. The rain works its way down the chain from cup to cup, creating a beautiful water feature.

Choosing a Rain Chain

The style of rain chain you choose is based solely on your personal tastes. There are no rules here, just choose what fits your sense of style. Common rain chain cups look like lotus flowers, funnels, blossoms, squares, cascading leaves, and more. Most rain chains come in an 8.5 foot standard length.

Rain Chain Installation

Rain chains are so easy to install! Simply insert the included hanger into your existing rain cutter drain hole, or hang from the eave on your patio. Add a stone basin to collect the rain water and complete your water feature.