Glendale, AZ – Bring the classic serenity of Japanese design into your home, garden, wardrobe, and life with items from, a recently re-designed online business. The site offers a unique selection of high-quality Asian decorations with products ranging from Buddha statues and shoji screens to granite lanterns and wedding kimonos for sale. was created 1997 for the love of the Japanese culture. The owners mother (Fumi) was Okinawan Japanese and their father was Caucasian. He was in the military when Fumi met her husband in Okinawa where their daughters spent their early years growing up. Their love and appreciation for Japanese culture continues today with the offering for sale of authentic Japanese products and related items. The online store is now owned by Anita Gallagher, the eldest of the sisters who continues their commitment to each and every customer and order that is received and shipped.

The main office and warehouse of Japanese Style is located in Glendale, AZ,. They also have a warehouse in California where they ship authentic granite and slate products. They pride themselves in taking great care in choosing vendors for products placed for sale on the website, requiring quality products at a fair price.
Should you have a suggestion for a product that you would like us to carry or if you are a vendor and would like to speak with us about carrying your products, please e-mail

The elegance, refined simplicity, and gracious lines of Asian-inspired décor soften the harsh lines of many western homes and bring nature into daily life. Whether by incorporating the lulling sounds of a Japanese wind chime into a garden or by relaxing on teak patio furniture, homeowners can experience subtle reminders of traditional Japanese culture.

On a more personal side, shoppers can select from beautiful kimono robes or order chopsticks, sake sets, and tea sets to complement Japanese cuisine. Japanese Style LLC is family owned and operated honoring the Japanese culture and heritage.


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