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What Is A Kimono?

Traditional and historical, kimonos are well known symbols of Japanese culture, being a garment entirely unlike any other in the world. Worn in a single large piece, they are elegant robes that fall from shoulder to ankle, with attached collars and long dangling sleeves. They are tied shut with a wide sash called an "obi," which is bound up in a stylish knot at the back. The more formal kimono are regarded not just as clothing, but as art, with designs and patterns reminiscent of paintings one might see in a museum -- in fact, special kimono racks exist purely to display antique or vintage kimono.

Kimonos are traditionally made of silk; however, the art of making silk kimono is a rare one, and kimonos made of Japanese cotton or polyester are the most common in the modern day. Non-silk kimonos are less formal, whereas antique silk kimonos are worn only on occasions like weddings, funerals, and formal gatherings. We have a selection of both vintage silk kimonos and modern cotton kimonos.

A full kimono outfit includes special kimono undergarments, the kimono proper, and footwear. Traditional Japanese sandals come either in the form of geta (wood sandals) or zori (flat straw sandals). Worn with the sandals are "tabi," socks that split to allow the toes around the sandal thong.