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Wear Flannel Yukatas All Year Round

People nowadays look for things that are multipurpose and versatile. They are more willing to spend on things that they can use for a long time. It’s better to have one classic black leather jacket than to have five sweatshirts of different colors that tear apart in every wash. This goes to show that quality is still definitely better than quantity.

If you are a smart shopper, you have definitely encountered the famous flannel yukatas. This fashionable type of clothing originated from the Land of the Rising Sun. Yukata is a Japanese garment made of comfortable materials such as cotton or synthetic fabrics. Yukatas are so versatile that you can definitely use them every day inside and outside of your house.

Uses of flannel yukatas

  • Robes

One of the main purposes of yukatas for Japanese is that they serve as robes after a hot bath. The soft feel of a yukata against your skin after a warm bath is an experience you would always want. It’s like an after-spa feel where you just comfortably sit and watch TV with your yukata on.

  • Ultimate onesies

Sometimes onesies are too hot for the warm weather. If you still want to cover up your whole body without getting too hot or warm, flannel yukata is perfect for you. It still gives you that cotton to skin sanctuary without any sweat or discomfort. Now you can always comfortably cuddle up every night with your flannel yukata while watching your favorite series.

  • Cover-ups

A lot of designers have customized the flannel yukatas and turned it into a more fashion forward ones. They are usually made with soft and silky fabrics with fun colors and prints. These customized flannel yukatas are perfect cover-ups when the weather is a tad bit cold for you. You can even use this as a cover up when you are at the beach! It’s soft and light enough for you to go running around the beach and still feel comfortable in your flannel yukata.

Flannel yukata is a staple garment that should be inside your closet. It is really a convenient type of clothing that you can use daily. Think of it as your favorite classic white converse. You can wear it just about for anything, but you can always still manage to look like you’ve put an effort into it. These flannel yukatas are the ultimate luxurious and comfort garment ever created. It has stayed in the apparel industry for many years and a lot of designers still love to play around with it. Flannel yukatas are definitely here to stay for many generations to come!