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Traditional Costumes for Children's Day

Children’s Day or Komodo No Hi is one of the most celebrated holiday festivities in Japan. Boys and girls, together with their families, engage in various customary activities and traditions to commemorate their day. Homes that harbor children are decorated of dolls of Japanese male heroes and carp streamers for the whole month of May. These customs are to promote and welcome success, prosperity, strength, and courage to Japanese boys. Sweet rice cakes, bite size crackers of various flavors, and special sake are served to families.

Although the Children’s Day became centered on Japanese boys after World War II, the emancipation of girls is also given importance. Both dress up traditional outfits to celebrate the momentous day of Komodo No Hi. In Japan, special children's festivals are enjoyed when cherry blossoms and other flowers bloom in spring.

Besides celebrating Komodo No Hi, girls also actively participate in the Doll Festival. Young girls often wear traditional kimono. They visit one another on this holiday to have doll tea parties and praise each other on their peach blossom decorations. First known to be the general traditional clothing in Japan, this unique ensemble is now commonly worn by young Japanese girls and women in various occasions and festivities.

Yukata is a casual lightweight cotton kimono that Japanese boys wear in special events. It is a casual version of kimono. The yukata has also become a way of dressing for spring and summer festivals. Over the years, fashionable yukata designs have surfaced, making it tricky for untrained eyes to distinguish between a yukata and a kimono. Yukata for boys is less flashy because of its darker or more subdued colors, while kimonos worn by young girls are usually bright, colorful, and with floral designs.

Hakama is also a typical choice for young boys. It is a traditional clothing originally worn by men. Unlike yukatas, hakamas are much simpler in design and is usually worn to uphold the martial spirit.

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