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The Perfect Japanese Traditional Costumes

Going to an event with nothing but that old costume you have bought some ages ago? Are you that type who want to be creative but your budget will not allow you to? Worry no more because there is a brand new style just waiting for you to discover.

With thousands of costumes in the market, choosing a costume that would fit your taste has become a tedious task. What’s more tricky is that some people are less conscious on the aesthetic appeal of the outfit. They pay more attention to originality and subdued elegance of the costume.

If it’s uniqueness and style you are after, then Japanese traditional costumes can be a satisfying treat. The traditional ethnic garment even of the modern-day Japan is known as kimono. Japanese clothing is comprised of a wide set of uniquely made kimonos. After Japan opened its doors for the trading industry, the kimono began to penetrate other continents as well.

Nowadays, it is normally worn on formal and special occasions both in the oriental and western setting. Although it appears to be an impractical choice, the kimono can give you a graceful and elegant demeanor. There is something innate in it that makes you look after your posture as you improve your style.

It’s all in good fun because each Japanese traditional costume offers a unique story in every cut and colorful pattern. The shape of all kimonos is fixed but the style of weaving and dyeing is exclusive for each outfit, allowing you to have as many options as you like. The obi, which adds an articulate appearance to the kimono, comes in a myriad of ties and colors.

Although the Japanese kimono and yukata are the most common outfit in Japan, there are different types of kimono for use at specific times and occasions. Besides its domestic use, kimonos are also worn during special events, funerals, coming-of-age ceremonies and festivals. The traditional Japanese attires are fascinating even with their specific functions.

Some types of kimono include:

  • tomesodé for married women, with long sleeves
  • furisodé, for women, also with long sleeves.
  • hômongi for women, used for paying calls
  • montsuki hakama for men, used when attending ceremonies
  • haori for men, used for usual visits
  • yukata, for both men and women, a casual wear used when attending local festivities

With Japanese traditional costumes, all outfit possibilities are now within the touch of your fingertips. Release your inner creativity and attitude! Transform your dull character into the center of attraction with Japanese traditional costumes. Why choose to be a wallflower in an event if you can be a Japanese goddess?

Be captivating while having that exclusive look with your Japanese traditional costume. If you are looking for something to wear for a formal or special occasion, pick the one that can guarantee a stunning and gorgeous appeal without being over-the-top. Good thing for party-goers like you, authentic Japanese traditional costumes are now made available for you at very affordable prices.

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