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Personalized Sake Cups for Corporate Events

Have you imagined drinking wine from a box? Or perhaps using wonderful favor boxes to your events? You might want to get into an Asian-inspired idea of using wooden boxes.

Wooden sake boxes are simple yet unique favors that you can use for your corporate events. Japanese Style would love to introducewooden sake cups or masu. Masu is made from Japanese Cypress or hinoki. This special wood has antibacterial properties making it a good choice for small food storage. It is water resistant which makes it best for drinking.

In Japan, wooden sake cups are always preferred when drinking their traditional alcoholic beverage called sake. It also has a rich fragrance very unique to the hinoki wood making it relaxing to drink sake. Moreover, it is regarded as traditionally important to Japanese people for it has always been a part of their rituals and celebrations hundreds of years ago. Masu retained its popularity in the modern times and is still being used because of its authenticity.

These wooden sake cups are beautifully handcrafted in Japan by skilled craftsmen and they could be even more beautiful if personalized. Japanese people are known to be very meticulous when it comes to a work of art.

Personalizing a traditional wooden sake cup is an art. Japanese Style offers you personalized wooden sake cups where you can have your own designs, logos or messages. It is better to express your thoughts through an artwork during your corporate events. We carefully engrave each cup using laser technology so you don’t have to worry about the letters fading out. Our wooden sake cups will last long as the wood material being used is of high quality from Japan and the process of manufacturing conforms to a high standard.

Our engraved wooden sake cups are available in two sizes: large and small. Large wooden sake cups measures 2 1/2" square and 1 7/8" in height. They are best used as wonderful favor boxes for corporate events to be filled with party mixes like nuts, seeds (wildflower and herb), Jordon almonds and potpourri.

On the other hand, our small wooden sake cups measures 2 1/2" square and 1 7/8" in height. With their cute sizes, they are best used for drinking sake. A wooden small cup is like a shot glass but with an authentic Japanese tradition. Imagine how is it placed on tables and filled with overflowing sake, truly a unique Asian accent of the corporate event.

Our wooden sake cups are a good choice for your corporate events – whether they are for drinking the traditional sake or wonderful favor boxes to be filled. The uniqueness of these little boxes makes your event one of a kind.

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