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Personalized Items

Personalize your event with custom engraving with your phrase or title. Several items that can be personalized to your liking for a more custom feel. Our chopsticks, fans and sake cups are custom engraved with your phrase or logo. Nothing is more impressive than a customized gift for your guests. A specially designed fan can make you stand out in the crowd.

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Engraved Chopsticks, Light-toned Engraved Chopsticks, Dark-toned Engraved Chopsticks, Brown-toned
Engraved Gold Chopsticks Engraved Chopsticks and Case Set, Bamboo Black Engraved Chopsticks and Case Set, Bamboo Red
Engraved Glass Sake Cup Engraved Japanese masu, Wood Sake Cup, Large Engraved Japanese Masu, Wood Sake Cup, Small
Engraved Personalized Wooden Hand Fans Engraved Silk Folding Fans Engraved Paper Folding Fan w/ Color Options
Engraved Chopsticks Box Engraved Chopsticks and Case Set Chopstick Options Engraved Japanese masu, Wood Sake Cup, Kotobuki
Engraved Mini Zen Solo Chime Personalized Bamboo Kitchen Utensil Set Engraved Trio Zen Solo Chime
Personalized Kyoto Wind Chime Personalized Yoga Wind Chime Personalized Wedding Wind Chime