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Ordering Granite and Slate Garden Products

About Granite and Slate

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About Granite and Slate

Choosing Carved Granite and Slate

Carved granite lanterns, basins and sculptures are one the most recognized and visually stimulating element in a Japanese garden. Granite and slate are very dense, durable and hard natural stones. All natural stone will vary in color. All pictures are for example purposes only. Items carved from granite and slate will last a life time and many times passed on for many generations to come, thus when choosing granite and slate select only high quality stone that is carved with high quality workmanship.

Choosing A Size
Choose a size that is appropriate to your garden. Visualize the items size (both height and width) and the appearance in its intended garden placement. A small garden with an oversized lantern will feel overbearing and a large garden with a lantern that is too small will feel un-proportional. If you are not sure, use objects around the home or garden as props to get a better feel for the size.

Compare our Quality and Service

  • We are dedicated to providing only the highest quality carved granite products and take pride in providing outstanding service.

  • Compare our quality, fine craftsmanship and detailed carvings by clicking any picture on our website.

  • Exact freight costs are shown on our site so there are no surprise shipping costs involved when your granite or slate is delivered. Freight companies are well known for tacking on extra fees and costs.

  • Pre-Drilled For Electrical - Most lanterns including our yukimi lanterns we carry are pre-drilled with the hole so you may install electrical if you decide to in the future. Lanterns that are pre-drilled are stated on the product page and we do not charge extra for this feature.

  • Service after the Sale - Should you ever break or lose a granite section of your granite lantern that was purchased from us, we will gladly order the replacement piece at replacement cost.

  • Consistent Quality as we never purchase low grade granite stone, low grade carved pieces, manufacturer defects or close-out mismatched pieces. We feel that it is very important to offer only the highest quality since granite sculptures are an enduring and essential garden element.

Is all Granite and Slate the Same
No, not all granite stone and granite carvings are the same.

We are dedicated in providing only the highest quality carved granite products and take pride in providing outstanding service. Compare our quality, fine craftsmanship and detailed carvings by clicking any picture on our website. We hope you choose to make us your source for exquisite carved granite lanterns, basins and sculptures.

Granite sculptures should be a life long joy and a joy that will be passed for generations to come!

Examples of Poor Quality Granite


Very poor quality due to:

The oribe is one of Japan's oldest designed lanterns made specifically for the garden by warlord Furuta Oribe during the Momoyama period. The lantern on the left does not do justice to the oribe lantern for many poor quality aspects.

1. The missionary carving is missing on the lantern base and the kanji oribe carving is not detailed.
2. The lantern should not be on a base. Oribe lanterns are ikekomi-gata style lanterns thus should be "planted" in the ground and never sitting on a base.

3. The lantern pedestal is not carved level thus does not stand straight.

Very poor quality due to:

The base hole is carved incorrectly, thus the lantern will not stand on its own.


Very poor quality due to:

The lantern is not in proportion, the light box is carved much too small.

Granite vs Lava Stone or Cement

Lava stone is very porous and inexpensive. If priced cheaply they make affordable garden ornaments, however many are not. Know your stone types. Cement and other man made materials cannot withstand the elements that nature bring and will begin to fall apart quickly. For life long garden decor always choose granite or slate.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What color is your granite? Our granite products are carved from the traditional white/gray (salt & pepper) granite stone with black pigments unless noted (i.e. beige granite).


Receiving a Shipping Quote

JapaneseStyle.com is set up to give you your exact shipping quote right online. Just add the items to your cart and enter your delivery information then scroll down to view your shipping quote. Save by shipping to a commercial address.

Residential Delivery with a Lift Gate

All quotes given are for residential curbside deliver with a hydraulic lift-gate provided at no additional cost. A hydraulic lift-gate will lower the crate from the back of the semi to the ground. Once the crate is on the ground you can use a dolly to move the crate to your garage or backyard. Someone must be there at the time of delivery to sign for the shipment. The freight company will call you to schedule a delivery time.

Commercial Delivery

Save money by shipping your granite or slate to a commercial address. The commercial address must be located on a commercial zoned street. All freight deliveries are made M-F 8am-5pm only. Business days and hours of operation will be needed for someone must be there to sign for the shipment. The freight company will not call to schedule a delivery time but will automatically deliver on the days of operations between the hours you tell us. If you wish to receive a commercial freight quote please call us toll free 877-441-3722.

*Please note that granite garden products and slate garden products are shipped by freight. Shipping time varies by delivery location.


"Our granite lanterns and basin we ordered from you are beautiful - wonderful quality and they add a lot to our landscape. Thank you for a first-rate product and service!" Karen W., WA

"Guess What Arrived TODAY!!! Our granite basin. We love it. Thank you for all your help and speedy shipping. From two HAPPY customers!" Bob & Ann, VA

"I was thrilled to receive the zenigata basin. Its beautiful!" Marcia, AL

"Just wanted to let you know that I received the basin here in Ft. Worth. It arrived right on time, was easy to load and move and looks great!" Robert, TX

"Hi, I received my Oribe lantern this week and I am delighted with the craftsmanship and your service! You have a satisfied customer." Richard, CA

"Just a note to let you know that I received the lantern on Friday. It is beautiful. The picture on the web does not do it justice. The carving is really amazing. It makes a nice addition to the garden. I really appreciate all your help with this purchase. I have enjoyed doing business with you! Thanks again." Dawna, VA

"The lantern has arrived and I wanted to thank you for the quick and helpful service and wonderful lantern." Bob, CT

"The quality of the oribe lantern was better than I ever expected." Fred, FL

"I purchased the square granite guide stones and am very pleased with the quality of them!" Beth, TX

"I picked up the granite without a hitch, and it's just beautiful! Thanks for your time, and for the beautiful granite kotoji!" Karen, CT

"We have received the ordered Yukimi lantern in perfect condition and we are very pleased with it in all respects." Ken, PA

"The granite lantern arrived today and it is even better than the picture!" Kathy, MI

"I received my lantern and basin. Thank you for all of your help. The quality of your products is outstanding!" Mary

"Hi there, I ordered a number of granite statues from you and I'm delighted with them all and they now have pride of place in my garden. Many thanks!" Mark, CA

"My maru yukimi lantern arrived yesterday and it is just beautiful! Thank you" Drew, OH