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How To Clean A Steel Wok

When cleaning a steel wok, it is important to never use any soaps or harsh detergents that may interfere with its nonstick coating. Carbon steel, like cast iron, collects oils from cooking that form a dark nonstick surface. Hot water and a kitchen scrub are all that should ever be used for cleaning, followed by a light coating of vegetable oil to seal the surface. The vegetable oil helps season the wok for future recipes creates a nonstick surface for easier cooking and cleanup later. Following a proper cleaning ritual will also help inhibit any rust from forming on the steel wok, rendering it unsafe for cooking.


Things you'll need:
* Hot water
* Soft cloth
* Kitchen scrub sponge (soft fibers, not steel wool)
* Vegetable oil

1. Rinse the steel wok in hot water. This will help loosen any food particles left from cooking. If you have a spray hose attached to your sink, spray the hot water onto the wok’s cooking surface. If you do not have a spray hose, allow the hot water to stream into the wok from the open tap. Let the hot water sit in the wok for several minutes.

2. Scrub the inside of the wok with a multipurpose kitchen scrubbie that is safe for all surfaces. Do not use any kind of soap or detergent.

3. Rinse the steel wok again with hot water to remove any food left on the cooking surface, and towel dry with a soft cloth. Try to dry the steel wok completely to prevent rusting.

4. Cover the entire cooking surface of the steel wok with a very thin coating of vegetable oil to season the wok for the next use, and as an additional rust barrier.

5. Store the steel wok in a clean cabinet, and do not store any other items inside it. This will ensure that no additional cleaning will be necessary the next time you need to use it.

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