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Children’s Kimonos

A child’s kimono, much like an adult kimono, is a robe-like garment worn tied at the waist with a wide belt known as an obi. Where older women often wear somber colors and muted designs, children’s kimonos are often brightly colored with bold designs. During festival times, children wear all the same accessories including obi belts, shoes, and traditional hair accessories for girls.

Just like adults have a variety of traditional Japanese clothing based upon the weather, marital status, and special events, there is a wide variety of children’s clothing as well.

Omiyamairi Kimono

Omiyamairi is a Japanese baby’s first visit to their local temple. The ceremony generally takes place between birth and 100 days old. Some babies wear a white, lacy kimono similar to a baptism gown. Another popular style is a brightly colored kimono which ties around the baby and the person carrying the child.


This is a shorter winter coat worn by both boys and girls. It includes a light batting for added warmth, much like a quilt or stuffed jacket. These are generally make it much easier to dress a child and are worn during cooler weather.


This style of kimono is easily recognizable by its long, flowing sleeves which may often reach the floor. Girls often wear this formal kimono during their coming of age visit to the temple around age 20.


This style is a short jacket, often emblazoned with the family crest, which is worn over a kimono. While girls wear kimonos with flowing sleeves for formal occasions, boys often wear a haori.