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Tatami Mats

Tatami Mats is a flooring material used for Japanese Style rooms. They were originally a luxury item used by Samurai and Nobel. Our Tatami Mats are made of the best quality material starting with a double layer of Japanese Rush Grass which adds extra strength and protection. For extra strength and durability, our Tatami Mats is made of dried rice straw that is baked and dried. The bottom of the Tatami has a moisture resistant barrier. Our Tatami mat is hand sewn with twine. Originally designed and constructed as flooring in Japanese homes, Tatami Mats have a special place within Japanese homes, tea ceremonies, dojos in traditional Japanese design. They are also a key component of our Tatami Mat Bed Frames, which are designed to receive these traditionally dimension mats. Our authentic Tatami Mats will add character and beauty to your home.
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