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Accessorize with Japanese Hair Accessories

Japanese hair accessories have been present as far back as the Jomon period. During this period, hair accessories or kanzashis were merely single pieces of sticks not really intended to add beauty to a person’s look but merely to ward off evil spirits.

As time went on, Japanese hair accessories have evolved and changed not only to fix a person’s hair to a certain style but to add class and accents to a person’s over-all aesthetic. Hair accessories were no longer limited to sticks but also included combs and pins all elegantly painted and designed to complete traditional Japanese outfits.

Today, a kanzashi is only commonly worn during festivals and events when persons are expected to wear traditional Japanese clothing or kimonos to add a beautiful and authentic touch to Japanese outfits.

However, Japanese hair accessories can’t certainly be limited to just that. As long as you have a unique and creative fashion sense, a kanzashi can be one of the best ensembles to further accentuate your very own original, stylish, and distinct look.

If you are interested in using these gorgeous and timeless pieces of Japanese hair accessories to add an Asian flare to your apparel, then let Japanese Style guide you through choosing the right kanzashi.

Kinds of Kanzashi

1. Bira-bira

Bira-bira is a dangling style of hair accessory. It is usually composed of metal strips that twinkle with every angle and movement of the person wearing it. Aside from the strips, it is also accentuated with beautiful silk flowers.

2. Kanoko Dome

Kanoko dome is best characterized as a hair accessory crafted with expensive and somehow heavy material, such as gold, jade, pearls, tortoiseshell, silver, and other semi-precious stones. A kanoko dome is typically round and designed with flowers or butterflies meant to be worn at the back of the hair and secured by a prong or comb.

3. Kogai

This type of Kanzashi still embodies the very first Japanese hair accessory - the simple stick. The design, however, is more elaborate and intricate and can be best described as a beautiful hair accessory made in the shape of a sword.

4. Kushi

This is probably the most popular type of kanzashi because it is simple and works not only as an accessory but as a functional comb. It is usually made out of wooden material rounded or rectangular in shape with the opposite side of the teeth decorated with beautiful flowers and colors.

5. Ogi

Ogi is a fan-shaped design made out of metal pinned on the hair above the temple. This is also referred to the Princess style because at the time this accessory was introduced, it was worn by apprentice geishas or maikos on the day of their debut.

6. Tama

This kanzashi is a simple prong that has a beautifully colored bead or beads at the end.

7. Tsumami Kanzashi

This is made from a simple fabric or squares of silk which are then folded and shaped using origami to form beautiful flowers and petals. A variation of this is a hana kanzashi which is basically a cluster of a tsumami worn on the side of the head in such a way that it appears that there are lovely petals elegantly hanging by the hair.

Japanese hair accessories are elegant and very traditional ensembles depicting the undeniably rich culture of Japan. Nonetheless, with the right outfit and style, you can easily customize or personalize it to suit your personal taste.

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