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Rain Chain Gutter Adapter, Rain Chain Adapter, downspout Adapter

Rain Chain, Copper Gutter Adapter

Item Number: GC255034
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Our Copper Rain Chain Gutter  Reducer Adapter makes installing rain chains simple.  The oval collar sets in the rain gutter over the drain hole where the downspout is removed.  The wider mouth tapers down to direct a smooth flow of water from the gutter into the rain chain.  This attachment is not required for rain chain installation, but it is an option for those who want a smaller exit hole than their gutter provides.  The pin attachment is very small for a tight seal. Put the pin through the inside for a secure seal. It adds that extra touch for completing the look of your rain chain.

  • Oval collar measures 5" by 4 1/4"
  • Funnel reduces from 2 1/2" on the top to 2" on the bottom
  • Length is 3"


Price: $18.95

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