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Have you ever wondered what to wear under a kimono? Our traditional Japanese kimono undergarments will help you create the traditional and formal kimono ensemble.

We carry kimono undergarments for both men and women. From collars and belts to han juban and susoyoke, we have everything you need to help complete your formal kimono.

Our Kimono undergarments come directly from Japan and are authentic Japanese. These undergarments are essential to create the look of a traditional layered kimono.

Each item worn under your kimono has a distinct role. Click on the individual items to learn more about how the undergarments help you complete your formal kimono.
Date Jime, Kimono Date Jime, How To Wear A Kimono, Velcro Jime
This Velcro Date Jime is used as a support obi. Worn just below the bust line, the Date Jime ensures that the collar of the nagajuban (or "under...
Eri Sugata Collar, Kimono Collar, Eri Sugata, Formal Kimono Collar
Eri Sugata are Kimono collars worn underneath the Kimono to provide a traditional, formal Kimono appearance. This authentic Eri Sugata is made in...
Han Juban, Japanese Undershirt, Karate Shirt, Japanese Undergarments
The Han Juban is worn as an undergarment beneath a kimono or yukata, similar to an undershirt in western clothing. This undergarment keeps the kimono...
Han Juban, Japanese Undershirt, Lace Han Juban, Kimono Undergarments
The Lace Han Juban is worn as an undergarment beneath a kimono, similar to an undershirt in western clothing . This undergarment keep the kimono from...
Koshi Himo, Japanese Koshi Himo, Koshimo Cord, How to wear Kimono
Our Bokashi Kosh Himo is a necessity for properly wearing your kimono. These long flat ribbons are used to secure the nagajuba (or "under kimono")....
Susoyke, Japanese Undergarments, Japanese Slip, Lace Susoyke, Lace Slip
A susoyoke is a skirt-type undergarment for a kimono, used by women. Help keep your beautiful kimono clean by wearing the proper undergarments....